Although, Terry’s conclusion is a promise that the Bible does not make; still what he writes here concerning our times is well worth your consideration. See the bottom of this article and click on the article to view it.

I will just state for the record: that if ones motivation for turning to Jesus is the escape from Tribulation; then that one will most likely be among those who will fall at some point, and that fall would be most certain in the coming Tribulation should they see it come.

Terry James has in the past on many occasions told us that economic collapse will not usher in Tribulation, but that the Rapture will. But here is a current non-religious quote from Jim Rickard. It is about the economy that I want you to give consideration. These still have the potential of becoming very troublesome times.

The coronavirus death toll continues to mount in the U.S. New York remains the hardest hit, but New Orleans and Detroit have seen a great surge in cases. As of yesterday evening, total U.S. cases topped 328,000. Over 9,300 people have died, or are reported to have died, from the virus. The outbreak is widely expected to reach its peak next week, and the Trump administration is warning it’s going to be a very rough week.

But while we’re fighting to stop the pandemic, the economy remains under lockdown. We’re actually staring at a depression. The depth of the new depression is scarcely understood. And once an economic collapse takes hold, the looting is never far behind. It’s here now. The veneer of “civilization” is paper thin. And it’s starting to tear

If this article is too bleak for you, please look back to a previous article.

Click on the link below to read Rickards non religious promotional article in full should you want and click at the end for the Terry James article. And stay prayerful in this season.