Though I agree with the premise presented concerning our initial response to God in that article, I believe that God desires if not demands more.

In the article the following points were made:

“Just like children who implicitly trust their parents, believers trust God.”


“Faith is not about knowing everything or doing everything right. Faith is about trusting.”

There is no doubt that coming to Jesus in a faith that is childlike is almost everyone’s beginning in the faith; but beyond that point faith is about trusting, and about knowing and even about doing.

Our faith concerning what God will do for us is built up by knowing His word. Our faith as it concerns doctrine is built up by our knowing the word. Our faith as it concerns imparting the Gospel requires a knowledge of the word. And God expects from us fruit bearing, which is another way of saying doing. If we are all about trust and nothing else we may be neglecting this gift of salvation. Abraham believed God as it was accounted unto him as righteousness. We acquire salvation in the same fashion. But James added a explanation to Paul’s message on how we are saved, as James told us that as saved individuals our faith is seen by our works. Abraham in fact was no different. His belief or faith put him in relationship with God, but his faith was tested and proven by his works, or his actions of obedience.

Paul did not state his case in the same exact phraseology as James, but he stated the same principal many times. Present your bodies as a living sacrifice. Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus. Walk in the Spirit. In other words your walk is one of faith, but it is a walk not a stand still proposition. You may stumble, and fall, but what you have can never be taken from you; it can only be neglected or given away by you should you lose faith in Him. Paul as did Jesus encourages us to follow Him. To study to show ourselves approved workmen. In fact it takes work to be an overcomer as Jesus called for us to be. Put on the Armor and fight the good fight.