So why are these numbers improving so much over the projections? This article does not cover what I’m about to say.

It would appear that at least one answer would be to the lower death rate: Hydroxychloroqine. Why then is the Liberal media proclaiming Trump to be guilty of medical malpractice and a president unfit for the job because he is touting the fact that this drug is proving effective in this battle?

But another possibility for the numbers being so far off may be found in the headline for this post. Is Dr Fauci guilty of intentionally giving Trump bad advice as he fulfills his duty to the deep state Trump haters.

We know that the social distancing is not the reason for these numbers being so far off; because they were built into the model, and we know that Fauci had in 2013 recommended and supported the use of Hydroxychloroqine for another outbreak occurring at that time, which he now questions.

The story keeps changing
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