in my New Years post little did we know that God would allow a wake up call to come in the beginning of this year that has continued to impact our world and our country with plague, with death and with a fear that has undertaken to ravage the economies around the world including our own. Understand that I am not blaming God for this pandemic, but His creation needs to know that He does allow these things in order to turn men around in their destructive behavior. What is that destructive behavior? It is the greatest sin of them all — to deny the very existence of God, and of His Son, the Messiah of Israel and savior of the world.

We are 4 months into this pandemic which actually started in November of last year in one major population area in China.

The virus was quickly spread into other major population areas around the world who were doing business with China. The reason was an easy one China’s leaders refused to let the word get out. They sinned against their fellow man.

How bad will this get? We don’t know do we? What is the final impact on our global economy? Again we don’t know do we? Will this virus return again in the fall? Again we don’t know do we?

What we do know is that right now in the world we have had over 70,000 deaths in this 4 month period. That is about the number of deaths that the United States experiences in one bad year with the flu. We also know that in the US two of the early hit areas are it seems seeing numbers turn down. Does that mean that statistics will not get as bad as the models have projected?

There is one other interesting end time happening that the evil one may want to prevent, and that could make possible this attack as a direct one from Satan. Wycliffe is on target for a 2025 completion of scripture translation into every known language. Does Satan want this stopped? You should know the answer to that one.

Here is what I believe for what it’s worth, which may be not much. But if we see a worldwide revival even of just millions, as a result of this pandemic; then I expect that it will end. On the other hand should we not, I expect to see even more fear and crisis economically than we will have had from the virus itself.

Keep praying and stay safe. Use your Armor against the evil one. But we know that God has not given us a spirit of fear. He turns even evil for His own purposes.

I had stated in my New Years post that we should pray for this year to be one of spiritual awakening. A 2020 spiritual vision is needed. Let’s continue to pray for that. And thank the Lord that we are here to be used in whatever way, perhaps to answer questions that men who turn to Him need help with.

Keep praying and stay safe. Use you Armor to defeat the whiles of the enemy. But we know that God has not given us a spirit of fear. He will use even evil to His glory, and for His purpose.