◦ I love Dr Reluctant, Paul Henebury. He is not bound by man’s doctrine but is a searcher after truth, even as I so want to be. Men who are truly searching are open to the Spirits leading. We are all learning on this journey. And though he and I do have differing thoughts concerning Scriptures message, we need them to be brought in line with God’s intent.

Dr Henebury states on this subject concerning Israel the Olive tree and New Covenant:

“They are to be (re)married to Yahweh (see Hos. 2. Cf. Isa. 54:5-6).  This calling cannot be reconfigured and applied to the church as the “New Israel.”  At least not without bringing God’s words under suspicion,”

Concerning his conclusion that the church is the new Israel, I may agree, but I would just ask Dr Henebury to consider his reasons for arriving there — first: who it is that is addressing Israel in Hosea, and secondly: who it is that they will marry in Isa. 54.

To the first point I refer us to Hosea 5 and 6. I’ll not rewrite what I’ve already written, but will refer you to an article previously written on this subject:

This message I wrote sometime ago, it is conclusive of Jesus being the speaker to Israel in Hosea. The Same personage, Jesus, is also obviously the God figure in the Isa 54 passage. His death in chapter 53 caused Israel to be called a “widow” as stated in Isa. chapter 54. One does not become a widow without the death of her spouse. And it is Jesus (their redeemer who died in chapter 53) that the final remnant of Israel will eventually be reunited to in marriage — joining Gentiles as the one new man as the bride of Christ or His Church. Our blessing as Gentiles comes from Israel’s earthly founder:

Galatians 3:8 The Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham, [saying,] “ALL THE NATIONS WILL BE BLESSED IN YOU.” (NASB2020)

Further Dr Paul sees something that is difficult for us to follow as he sees it in Romans 11, where he states:

“The attentive reader of Romans 11 will see that the solution to this “reversal” problem is supplied by the apostle himself in Romans 11:12 and 15:…(his conclusion from these verses):

By “life from the dead” we are not to understand the resurrection, since that is secured by Christ not Israel.”

But, to the Dr. I would simply state: the Olive tree itself requires that Israel’s saved be the final persons added back before the resurrection (life from the dead) will occur. This finalizes the joining of (the Church) the tree, the people of God from Israel. These all being supported by the same root of the tree, which is Christ. He is the lifeblood of all of His saved creation. This is His Church and it must include all new covenant recipients, resulting in the one new man. It is bigger than just Israel. There is no more Jew or Gentile. The last groups of the Jew’s come in with the Gentiles forming His own Royal nation, and Holy Priesthood. It is Israel’s final remnant, who will be the last ones saved (after every last Gentile is brought in (Romans 11:25), these saved Jews of Israel will consummate the soul salvation of all mortal man, thus bringing about this life from the dead of which Paul told us.

So, yes Dr Reluctant, the coming of Messiah and the Resurrection from the dead for the body and bride are captured in Romans 11:12&15. No man can take part in this resurrection apart from being in Christ’s Olive tree by way of the new covenant. The Olive tree represents all, who are partakers of the New Covenant in Christ.

The Apostle Paul is revealing in the Olive tree something that is bigger than just Israel it includes not only Israel but all saved Gentiles from Genes through Revelation in the Church (as seen by man), but He is revealing all believers from His Creation, who are to be in Christ, in His Church.

Dr Reluctant’s article link about, which this post is written follows.