Yes, in America we are experiencing revival. We do need God, because He has allowed things to change around us. God is now beginning to awakening young people, and yes, even us older ones to His Spirit’s presence; to Jesus’ love for us in the midst of man’s spiritual demise. There is but one redeemer of mankind.

Those leaders involved in this revival experience have a message for us. One that God has placed on my heart over this last decade as I wrote the book, which produced this blog site, and now over 1500 posts, with just under 60,000 views. I wish it were more. I wish, I hope that my grandchildren and great grandkids will also awaken to what is happening. This article tells us what follows from the experiential side of revival. Revival often spreads outside of church buildings, but it always effects the hearts of those who believe His word. Don’t miss it. Lord prepare us to be who and what You want us to be.