If, the church has replaced Israel; then why is everything prophesied for the last days concerning Israel happening? “It just doesn’t make any sense.” This according to pastor Barry Stagner in the attached video. The fact is that the church has not replaced Israel, but has the Church encompassed Israel and the gentiles?

What is happening with the prophecies concerning her does make sense. Especially if they are stated for the purpose of telling us who we are, and what Israel’s future role will be for us. Couple this with the fact that these prophecies are providing signs for God’s people pointing to this specific time in history when Jesus is to return.

◦ The teaching in this video by Jan and her cohorts is meant to refute replacement theology, which is not even the main opposition to pre-Trib Dispensationalism. Certainly we have not, in fact, cannot replace Israel. Theirs are the promises. But Paul makes clear in Ephesians and Romans that saved Gentiles are partakers in their promises. The Pre-Tribers main opposition does actually agree with them concerning the timing of the millennium and Israel’s importance for our time. However we, their opposition understand from Scripture that a Post-Trib position has the Scriptures support. Many who advocate for our opposition to their position would agree that Israel will be the home base of the Messiah’s kingdom on earth during the millennium after Tribulation.

The arguments opposing pre-Trib are plain and bear up under Scriptures scrutiny. So either the Church is born out of Israel or it was begun in Genesis to include Israel. If either are true; then everything that is prophesied concerning her must happen — to include that through her the blessing for the Gentiles will come. But that fact scripturally requires that the very last gentile be saved before there can be salvation of the final remnant from Israel. The times of the gentiles must be fulfilled and then all remaining Israel will be saved. In this video Tsarfati tells you that there is no other way for salvation to come to Israel or to the gentiles than for man to come to Christ. But he does not tell you that that being the case, then no Rapture can occur until every man “in Christ” to include Israel’s saved, who are are either killed or just die during Tribulation; then must be resurrected before this Rapture can occur. Anyone who has at any point died before the last enemy from this age is finally destroyed; whether they be Israelites or Gentiles; they must be raised before the Rapture if Jesus is their only means of salvation. That is the scriptural sequence of events.

All of this is in Scripture and many signs included must precede forth in order for the Lord to return? I have given you many reasons to believe this over this blogs last four years. It is through Israel that all the families of the earth are being blessed. Christ is the only one coming out of Israel who can fulfill that Scriptural promise. The very fact that Jesus spent 3 days and nights in paradise with the saved of Israel – those residing in Abraham’s bosom, creates that blessing for all who came before His time. The fact that He led these captives free and transferred paradise to include them with Him when returning to His Father; should give you reason to reflect on this fact. And He alone brings this same blessing to the Gentiles.

So if God has promised that Israel would be a nation as long as there are stars and a moon in heaven, where has Israel the nation been over the last 1900 years prior to 1948? God’s people have one common denominator, and that is Jesus our King. We have not replaced Israel but we are part of Israel. Ephesians explains this concept where we are one with Israel’s commonwealth of saints. We exist as carriers of The gospel of faith in Israel’s Messiah. He is King, and we are residents of His kingdom; provided we be in Christ. He is the seed of Abraham. He is the rock upon which we stand. He is the root of the Olive Tree, Who sustains all of the people of God. He is the ruler over one holy Nation; a royal priesthood, of which we are a significant part. We are to trust Him even in the midst of Tribulation. If that means we lay down our lives for this God whom we serve; then so be it.

You can hear their arguments here, but they change none of these Scriptural facts.