What exactly does that mean??

I love Charlie Kirk, but even he is vulnerable to deception. Sure we have won elections where there are Dominion Voting machines. There are races where enough voters show up to invalidate the algorithms. And there are districts in states where cheating will simply not occur. There are states such as Fla where cheating will not occur.

So what does it mean for us to play the game where cheating is the preferred method of the other side? Remember it’s not always the voters who cheat it’s the party loyalists. I won’t say that it can’t happen with Republicans, because we just observed Arizona’s Republican led cheating machine.

But here is the truth of the matter. Christian’s will not cheat no matter which party they support, and MAGA is basically a Christian led movement, so we will not cheat to win. Our only hope is to expose the cheats so that the public will insist on change and that probably can only be done through the courts. Now if that is playing the game, I’m all for it. We need to support those who are willing to fight this battle.

We need to continue to vote, because it will be the testimony of voters who were disenfranchised in Arizona who will win that election battle if it is to be won, and only disenfranchised voters can give sworn testimony to their experience in a court of law. We must do more than just stay the course, and we can never play their game. We need to continue to insist on truth telling.