I want to ask you to consider for a moment certain folks like Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, and Dr Fauci, just to name a few. These are all men who manufacture their own basis for morality apart from Scripture. Yet, in our eyes they seemingly lack nothing in the way of Grace and mercy from God. They pay no immediate penalties for their reprobate actions toward God or toward His creation. Scripture speaks of men such as these, who seemingly have everything in terms of worldly goods, yet receive no (known to the world) retribution for their sin. Or not at least, as the world considers their lavish life.

These in the eyes of Scripture would be an example of man abusing or taking for granted the Grace of God. Of course these same men don’t give God any credit for their blessing. But then, we who know scripture cannot consider them blessed can we?

Mark 8:36 “For what does it benefit a person to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? (NASB2020)

But do we as Christians tend to do the same sort or things with God’s blessings, when considering His Grace and mercy bestowed upon us? Have we in America wasted a blessed life wherein we have avoided persecution and ridicule from the world simply because of where we were born on this earth? Are we proud of the pittance that we have donated to other parts of the world that were “less fortunate”, while we live before the poor of this world just as lavish a lifestyle as what the rich of our own country live before us?

So, what should we say? Is grace then no different for us as believers as it is for the rich of the world?

There is a difference my brothers. The social gospel preachers would tell us that since we know to do better as blessed White Christian Westerners that we are just as bad as George Soros. They say that to make amends we must give up our position and become subservient to the minority poor, making them rich. But they ignore the fact that grace and truth only came through Jesus the Christ, who gives us all freely eternal life if we will but accept Him as it’s provider. For the truth that He brings is that we are all sinners in need of His grace no matter what our lot in this life may be. His coming was an open invitation to the world, in order for Him and His Father, our God to accept us even though we were possibly as bad as George Soros. The fact is that He will grant the George Soros’ and the poor the same eternal salvation, because of His Mercy and Grace.

Jesus in us is the only difference between us and the Hell bound sojourner on this earth. Grace may seem different when observing life on this earth, but at the Judgment only those who have accepted the Truth that came from Jesus entrance into this world will receive the benefit of the Grace that also came forth through Him.

Today is the day of salvation. A decision to follow Jesus is our only hope for eternal life apart from what we all deserve, which is hell.