This is a followup to Saturdays post. If you saw the film that I posted then, and realize that the spirit within you is opposed to the God of the Bible and to that word; then you have made a discovery that only God’s Holy Spirit could make known to you. So what do you do?

Pray that God will further awaken you and begin to teach you. God is Spirit, and Jesus, who is the Word of God made flesh, tells us that God as Spirit and must be worshiped as such. Begin to read about Jesus in His written word. I suggest that you begin in the book of John, written by the Apostle John selected by Jesus to follow Him, and later to write the Revelation. In between the time that Jesus was here in His first appearance and His described Second Coming; there is our life, which is being drawn to Him through the events of our lives. The sins that we commit affect our conscience and cause us to either contrition of heart or to harden our hearts.

If you are contrite God is who you are seeking. Call therefore on Jesus for His forgiveness. If you are hardened I seriously doubt that you are still reading, but if you are God wants you to repent. I pray that you do just that.