The attached Article is a different take on WOKE Capitalism, but I want to give an even “clearer” view into how this deceptive WOKE Capitalism is even more deceived; then the deceptions that they promote.

WOKE Capitalism is at work to expand the WEF and its New World Order which is patterned entirely after the CCP brand of Capitalism. You will read in this article about the nature of the WOKE greed, and how the conscience of these WOLK must be salved (using their false philanthropy) due to the reality of what they must do in order to satisfy that greed. And they do do philanthropic acts; there is no question about that. But here is the trap that they are setting for themselves and their WOKE followers. Every philanthropic activity is directed toward the advancement of what will be the evolution of the Tyranny of the CCP BRAND OF CAPITALISM, in which there is no conscience. And that system when it arrives will bite the hand that fed it.