My brother Richard, who has pastored and ministered within the evangelical Church for Decades (yes, he is old, just like me, but he is my younger brother), recently he sent me this first video on Climate Change.

Climate is changing, but it’s politicalization is also a change occurring more rapidly than is the climate. It is political, there is propaganda taught to our children, which frightens them, and certainly effects their future politics. But of course that is the intent. The one group that is changing our world and our country into an unhealthy fear driven cultist society is the very group who claims that progress means positive change. Unfortunately these progressives have a very destructive political agenda, and it’s leaders have an often personal lustful economic agenda.

The second video is useful for our thought process. Innovation is a key to bringing about positive impact on the climate. How can that be accomplished with a good result without destroying the economy or our way of life.

What can we do to reduce emissions? Last night on my way home from taking my grandkids to the airport, I sat in a stop and go line of traffic for over 1 hour in order to travel on a superhighway, Rt 4 in Orlando. This hour took me 10 miles. If you want to spend all this money, use it to build better roads around the cities. Get ahead of the traffic in these areas. Bjorn Lomborg would be happy, and we would be happy. Conservatives and liberals alike would be happy.

One thing that we must do for our school age children, is to see to it that they get the other side of this warming scenario. They need hope, or they become suicidal and begin offing themselves and others. They with hope are more susceptible to hearing about God’s love for them and this world, and the gospel can once again be effective in our future.

The salvation that matters is not the salvation of the planet from climate destruction, but the salvation that has already been bought by God, when His Son voluntarily came and with this purpose died for your eternal (not temporary) future.

To watch the facts surrounding this current cult which needs tweaking to be a viable science click on the links below: Both will be helpful to understand our needs.