If we are now in trouble in this country — is it the fault of deceit? And if deceit is the culprit, do we have evidence of that deceit? If there is evidence of it, then should our leaders, who are being given this evidence, investigate and punish the deceivers? Or for the sake of peace and unity should the potential crimes just be ignored?

Dr Burks has admitted in her book actually deceiving President Trump impacting his decisions surrounding CoVid.

Our big question today — was there the level of corruption in Washington caused by “Trump hatred” that this virologist Dr Paul Alexander the former cabinet members and others are revealing both in this video; in his book and elsewhere? And can we determine this without a proper investigation?

Discernment is the something that has been missing not only in our population but in our leaders as well. Why is that? It has to do with the removal of the Bible from our reading lists in schools, and the public arena. It has to do with men of the cloth twisting rather than understanding God’s word. Will we survive as a nation? There is hope with this congress. We do need to maintain 50 Senators, on the Republican side of the isle, and then pray that the couple of Democratic Senators who have opposed evil will still have God’s discernment with their decisions.