Men, who hate Donald Trump because of his threat to their positions and power, have so far operated almost with a vengeance to take him down. But instead of destroying him they only strengthen his political position with the people.

Higher up Democrats and Republicans alike have told us that Trump should never again be in a position where he has access to highly classified documents, while the voters Democrat; Republican and Independent flock to him. What is so interesting about all of this, surrounds the documents that he supposedly had in his possession. Trump was the President of the United States when he reviewed and had declassified documents surrounding the why of the Trump Russia investigation.

It will be very interesting to eventually find out the true purpose for all of these Trump investigations, which have produced nothing with which to indict him. But what these actions by his political enemies have done, was and is to garner for him more support, while his enemies continue with their outrage over his popularity.

The thinking surrounding all of this on the part of Trump’s supporters, has to evolve toward the many questions of the truly thinking Americans. These are men and women, who see the hypocrisy of all those opposed to him, while these supporters love the country and the freedoms for which it has stood these many years. The main question that they then ask is: just what is it that these politicians are afraid of? These, who themselves are failing so miserably — when they are judged against the laws that they are to be upholding? We are constantly reminded by Trump and his supporters of these politicians failure with the keeping of the laws of the land. The very laws which were enacted in order to keep this land a light on the hill for the protection of its people, and an example for the world.

On the other hand we watch as these same lawbreakers accuse Trump and his supporters of “illegal actions”for which they have no proof and cannot bring forth charges, because they must do more investigation. They do this attempt to find a crime: come up with nothing except more allegations for which they have no proof and once again Trump is proven right in the eyes of his supporters. His own allegations against his political enemies are once again proven correct.

And then there are the elections that take place across the country where the likes of Katie Hobbs, who merely by appearance is a crook; having refused to recuse herself from running and overseeing the very election in which she is running. And yes there is the election of Fetterman in Pa.

What we know is that there is no way that our Democrat friends would vote for such questionable candidates. And we further know that there are not sufficient dumbed down voters in this nation to willingly vote for these individuals to be their representative and expect them to protect their freedoms. Something is very wrong with the voting in this country. And the only explanation for our country to have begun to look like a third world dictatorship, is to question the fairness of our elections.

That questioning has been ongoing on both sides of the isle, and each side has come up with expert evidence that machines are our problem. And when we couple with that the mass mailings of illegal ballots, and the lack of transparency in these local elections — no matter which party is running them; then we have reason to be upset and demand investigations. These investigations must come.