You may come away surprised with what I’m about to tell you. It is not easy facing truth, especially when our truth is not God’s truth. This is why Christians so often disagree. It has to do with our disagreeing with God on a subject. It’s not about who is right and who is wrong, it’s about believing what we think is right even when Scripture says to us: no that is not exactly correct.

The New World Order is coming, and it is not coming because God directs its coming, but it is coming because God knows that it is coming. You say: “Will what’s the difference?” The difference is as far apart, as the Sun is from the Earth. There is a great difference between God Creating the heavens and earth for man’s own good, and in His allowing man to advance to his ultimate end through his rebellion.

You might say then: “That being the case, why should we fight against that which God knows for certain is coming?” And God would say to you: “I have told you ahead of time so that you might use what you know to be salt and light”. You as a believer are an integral part of that end, and how you proceed has a direct effect on that end, an effect which God already knows, but which He has not and does not force upon you. But instead allows you to determine just how you will use what you know to inform others and to stand against its evil in the might of His Spirit and Truth.

There is a vast difference between God causing man’s rebellion and His allowing it. There is a vast difference between God knowing the end from the beginning and His bringing about that end, just because He is God.

The fact is that when you stand before Jesus at the time of your judgment, you will then see clearly all of the opportunities that you had to discover God’s truth, and yet did not find it for yourself or for the others around you; therefore missing the opportunity to influence those around you. Many of these are dependent upon you. We all will have regrets on that day, but never let it be said that you did not stand against the evil that you saw coming. So our weaknesses are no excuse, for though God knew exactly how you will respond from the beginning of time still it is your choice to act as you will in those moments.

There is a NWO coming and you are part of the reason either for its progress or for its delay.

You have aided it or delayed it through your beliefs and with your vote. You have aided its progress or delayed the time of its coming with your spreading of the truth of man’s needed opposition to that truth. Making it possible that some will evaluate themselves and will also choose to become salt and light.

God knows of the revival that you were involved with helping to spread, or the one that could have been had you and others like yourself helped to spread it.

We cannot stop the coming of man’s fall and the rise of the New World Order, but we can assist with its delay and therefore positively affect life on this earth during our time. We can fight in our fasting and in our prayer closet and yes in our stand with our communication with others. Standing for man’s right to freely choose the path toward his own demise should that be his choice, which demise is surely coming. We can warn him of the treachery to be faced should he choose that path, or we can simply sit back and watch. But remember a watchman who gives them no warning will be accountable for their blood, and for their soul.