Rudy Giuliani, after three years and who knows how much wasted money on his part defending himself, is now found to have done nothing wrong. But that’s not the story. You if you have a brain know that the harassment by the United States Communist Obama/Biden Regime against anyone involved with Trump was and is criminal; yet is goes unpunished.

Further the backs that are being turned far away from any truth, by the now proven totally corrupt anything but free press of this United States, is also criminal. Anyone who voluntarily turns any of these so called News outlets on day or night should be ashamed of themselves. If we watch we are as guilty as are they of the treasonous acts that they support or condone. Either way they are guilty.

But, they are guilty of spreading misinformation with their vast communications operations, which is gifted to them by we the people — in order that they be unbiased and serve us as the watchdogs for truth. They instead are purely a progressive mouthpiece; a propaganda machine licensed and protected by our government.

What makes this so much worse is the fact that they not only make the cheating that we see in elections run by progressives (from either party) possible, but they make the weaponization of our Federal agencies possible; but again, only when progressives have power. And here is the clincher: they stand firmly opposed to the criminal investigations of those progressives, any time that we the people even attempt to place persons in office, who openly oppose these illegal activities. We had best pray that the House is not also stolen from us, but if you read my posts; then you already knew that this outcome was in store. These criminals cannot allow their opposition to achieve power, because their investigations will not be performed by a kangaroo court, but will actually get to the truth.