It’s growing: the frustration that is over the Nations voting processes which allow for the opportunity to cheat. The voting farce now occurring in Arizona doesn’t help.

But, adding to the frustration, I watched last night the NEWSMAX presentation on Jan 6Th. Seeing the persons interviewed who were across the board to include business men to former decorated military as well as one Homosexual, and all of them Trump supporter. All of them arrested for Jan 6Th insurrection. All of them political opponents of the Biden Administration.

Then today I see the attached interview of the “True the Vote” organizers, who were falsely arrested and jailed for the one week just prior to the elections.

Released after the election by the 5th circuit. They still have the grit and the will to fight on, because the stakes of losing such a great country to corruption are so high.

The election has definitely been a grave disappointment in Arizona and elsewhere, we still don’t really know just what the Regime will be capable of in order to retain their power. What is happening is pretty much as I stated in blogs before this election. We do know that the Regime has shown their gleefulness over what is happening. But no glee from the mass of voters. Instead just more frustration. They’re calling in with their stories of being turned away: you’ve all ready voted; the machine won’t take your ballot, just put it in the box over there; We ran out of Republican ballots; I voted, but the followup system says I didn’t. I went to three different polling locations before I could vote.

Will the facts surrounding this lack of transparency ever have its day in court? If not — not only do the Biden’s escape the justice system, but the CCP wins this war for America. Oh, by the way, these are Republicans (admitted never Trumpers, running these counties in Arizona

Will Americans just acquiesce to what is this attack on their right to have an equal voice in every election in which they participate or will they rise up and demand open and fair elections. Oh, but they have been doing that since 2020, and they are being called terrorists and are being falsely arrested. What will it take for true transparency to occur beginning with our National Media? Oh well it’s not my problem.

But if you love your kids? — do you? Then it is your problem. Do everything that you legally can, but don’t give up.

Oh by the way, these officials running the counties voting in Arizona are (never Trumpers), and the Sec of state, who will validate that all is on the up and up with this election — she will win her election for Governor. But you need not be concerned, it’s your children who are being trained in their schools to be like them that will be your biggest problem one day.