All Spirt Filled Christians know that something very different is in the works today in man’s world. What was good is now evil and what was evil in now being forced upon society as being good. Our children in schools are being fed sexual perversion. Many of our churches are becoming WOKE.

Our governments are more apt to create crises rather than prevent such. Nuclear war is again in our news. Elections are no longer trusted by the voter. Chips are being implanted under the skin retaining our information and financial data. We hear of and see events moving toward some version of Bible prophecy. Revelation takes on more meaning for us today than for any day throughout man’s history. So you need to consider what follows, for there is much confusion in the prophetic realm. There are reasons why you need to know what scripture says about you in prophecy:

Reason 1.

Is the Church the offspring of Israel? The question that must be answered when dealing with prophecy is — are we part of Israel or are we a separate entity? The writer of Hebrews says 11:40, that they without us would not be made perfect referring to Israel’s saints. Jesus says: John 10:16 “I have other sheep, which are not of this fold [speaking to Israel]; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock [with] one shepherd. (NASB1995). Jn 11:52 is another confirmation of this unity of God’s people which took place because Jesus (God) intended it. We are of the new covenant Israel (one flock; one new man).

As we examine Revelation 12 & 21; Romans 11; Ephesians 2. Romans 2:29, we must consider that God has joined us into one.

Reason 2. The offspring of Israel (who are the children of Abraham) are represented in Scripture as believers in Christ. Those in Christ we call the Church, except when we see them within Revelation — why is that? These believers will be the persecuted during the Tribulation (Revelation 12). If these are not part of the unsaved nation Israel, who God is having protected at the time (for she Israel the nation without Christ is obviously being protected); then who are these offspring believing in Jesus. These offspring can’t be one with the protected unsaved nation of Israel. Yet, these are her offspring, so who are they? They are identified with Christ. If they are not in Christ; then they are not saved. If they are in Christ; then they are the Church, and it is the Church, which includes all of the saved of this age. They are the Church, who is the bride, who will make herself ready during this period of Jacob’s trouble (Rev. 19).

Some confusion explained: Israel was either Christ’s Bride or the Father’s bride in the Old Testament. The key to this is contained in the O.T. text. She is depicted as one who was widowed (isa 54) after Isa. chapter 53, which depicts Christ’s death we find her widowed. He was her husband. This chapter is clearly revealing Christ’s death confirming that Israel is this widow. She is promised then in Chapter 54, to be remarried to her redeemer. He is her Redeemer. Read Isaiah 53 and 54; then Romans 11 will reveal to us that the root supporting her and us, both believing Israel and the believing ingrafted or adopted Gentiles, has to be Jesus; He is the root of the Old Testament. In Revelation 21, the Church and Israel are depicted as one in the Bride (the new Jerusalem).

Reason 3. The Church will not be Raptured until she is purified, and completed. This requires the salvation of Israel the nation to include her in this bride. Read again Hebrews 11:40; it is not until Revelation 19, after Israel’s salvation that we actually see this completion. The bride has made herself ready. Ephesians 6:27 calls for this bride to be without spot or wrinkle. Tribulation brings us to that place of the Brides completion.

Reason 4.

The Tribulation is not a synonym for God’s wrath which all believers from the Day of Pentecost up until and even through The Tribulation have been promised to escape. In fact you along with every other believer were destined for that wrath up until you became a heart circumcised believer as recorded in Ephesians 2. The wrath that you escape Is Hell. For only in Him are you worthy and will you see the Resurrection or the Rapture depending upon your oxygen intake or lack thereof at the time of the Second Coming. 1 Corinthians 15; 1 Thessalonians 4 & 5; Gal. 3:8-9; Luke 20:34-36. If you are in Christ , and you die during the Tribulation the rapture then must await your resurrection.

Reason 5.

The Tribulation is still a part of this age not the age to come. And there is only one gospel to bring men to Christ. Luke 20: 34-36; Matthew 24:14; and compare Revelation 14:6 with Galatians 1:8; Gal. 3:8-9.

Reason 6. Jesus makes clear in the Luke 20 passage, that there is no marriage in the age to come following resurrection, yet, during Tribulation pregnant women are fleeing hopefully not in the winter. There is still marriage at that time of their flight.

6. There is only one “First resurrection” and it is taught to occur at the end of the Tribulation. Revelation 20:6; Jesus is recorded twice confirming this timing. Luke 20:34-36; Mark 13:24-27. Paul confirmed this timing when he wrote of the resurrection and Rapture in 1 Thessalonians 4 & 5. And 2 Thessalonians chapters 1 & 2. And Romans 11:15. The Rapture is depicted following the resurrection and the fact of the resurrection is depicted in several places in the Revelation. In all of these places it is in connection with Christ’s Second Coming which is never depicted as preceding Tribulation. These verses are Rev. 6:13:17; Rev. 11:15-18; Rev. 14:14-20; Rev. 16:15-16; Rev. 20:1-5. There are arguments suggesting that Revelation is a sequential book, but the events portrayed in these passages are very end of Tribulation second coming events. In Rev. 6 men call for rocks to hide them from Jesus’ appearance. In Revelation 11 we see Christ take up His reign. The argument is that this is the middle of Tribulation, but the kingdoms of the world are now the Lord’s kingdoms. This is not sequential. But Tribulation cannot be present when Christ reigns. Where else do we see this? Not in the middle of Tribulation. If you read Daniel 7:11-13 it is obvious that the Lord does not take up His reign until the Beast is slain. This is the same beast as that of Revelation.

Reason 7

There is one new man. Paul placed you and me together with all the saints who went before us, and who would come after us Ephesians 2&3. This is represented in the one flock of Jesus in John 10; the olive tree that Paul describes made up of only believers (Rom. 11); In the one bride; In the one Ekklessia; In the one body of believers; in the one mighty nation and holy priesthood, whom we are becoming. Believers are we in the one Messiah and redeemer of Israel, into whom we are adopted by God into this one body. One with them not a replacement of them, and certainly not a ruler over them* who are as we are in Christ. No man can be saved from the time of Adam on without being in Him 1Cor. 15.

Reason 8

Jesus fulfillment of the Seven Feasts of Israel Demands that our rapture or our resurrection be Post-Trib. Jesus fulfilled the spring Feasts in the same year of His crucifixion, and He will fulfill the fall feasts in like manner in the same year of His return. The spring feasts were fulfilled as He was leaving this earth as its savior. The fall feasts will be fulfilled as He arrives on this earth and proceeds to set up His earthly abode as its King of Kings and as the Bridegroom of His Church representing the commonwealth of Israel.

Reason 9. Israel’s addition back into the Olive Tree occurs following the Travail of a woman. Who is that woman?

Micah 5:3 Therefore will he (Yeshua) give them (the Nation) up, until the time that she which travaileth (His Bride) hath brought forth: ((hath preached the gospel to all the nations, and travailed in her final birth pangs for souls (especially those of Israel) during the Tribulation)) then the remnant of his brethren (those Israelites left from Armageddon’s battle at the end) shall return unto the children of Israel ( by belief in their Messiah they return to the olive Tree where Israel’s saints reside and into which we Gentile believers are ingrafted having been adopted).

This verse depicts this return as a final birthing to complete His body. Gentiles if cut off from this body are only cut off for unbelief, otherwise we remain in this body with Israel.

The remnant of Jesus’ brethren whom He has given up will return to the Olive Tree by accepting the Messiah and receiving the circumcision of heart (the new covenant) rejoining the children of God. It is the body of Christ, who is in travel until all be brought to Christ Israel’s Messiah. A part of Israel was cut off from the people of God. A remnant from Israel’s nation will be returned to the people of God represented in the olive tree. When this occurs it will be the final completion of the Bride. Thus the statement in Revelation 19 (the bride has made herself ready following the Tribulation).

Reason 10

The consumation of the Ancient Jewish Wedding took place in the Home of the Bride, inside the brides chamber on the proof of virginity cloth. Therefore Christ must return to the brides home before the wedding feast.

• *there is a problem understanding Israel during the millennium. We the New Covenant Israel will reign with Christ over the mortal nations of earth during the Millennium. There will also be a mortal Israel at that time, just as there are other mortal nations who knew not Christ. These mortal Jews are brought back carried on the shoulders of the Gentiles into their land. They will weep over their Messiah whom they had not before recognized. They are mortal and were not yet saved.

• How can this be you say? Jesus tells us in Matt 25, that He will judge the nations when He returns. These are mortals, sheep and goats. None of whom are in Christ. The sheep are commended for supplying the needs in food, drink and or clothing for Jesus brethren (us). They did this for Jesus’ brethren (those in Christ) not even knowing what they had done (read the passage). And it is likely that the Gentiles of these sheep are those who have carried the Jews from within their nations back to Jerusalem, where the apostles will rule over each tribe.

From these same mortal nations there will again (at the end of the millennium) come an army in support of a future rise of Satan. He will gather this army once he is loosed, for one final battle against Jerusalem. Their destruction initiates the Great White Throne Judgment.

Study to see if these things not be true. You may just be the people who will witness this beast system of the revelation. This is why you need to consider these things.