Wars and rumors of them are in the Biblical scenario for our days. I’ve written on this subject before, this attached video discuses China and their stated intent to go to war. This at a time when America is at its very lowest point in the way of preparedness.

We can observe, on the Democratic side of the isle, a life lived in a fantasy world, where all that matters is power for their party. They are intent on squandering our nations readily available resource and its wealth, while blocking access to our own vast energy resource. That is, to that resource, which is needed in order to maintain the worlds balance of power and act as a deterrent to wars and rumors of wars.

The voting members of this party live in their own fantasy, where men can bear and have babies, and gender comes under multiple names, none of which are created or approved by God. Where babies are sacrificed simply for the pleasure and benefit of the parents, and for the profit of evildoers. A Democratic Nation is led by evil leaders because it has either chosen or allowed such, and it will see God’s judgment, if not turned from that evil.

I am not declaring something new here, Gods messengers have always declared this truth to a formerly blessed people, before His judgment is executed. Does that mean that it is too late? — no, God is the final arbiter of man’s fate, and His justice demands that when He acts, that He does first warn and then act according to man’s response.

What God has allowed in the form of earthquakes, drought, flood, hurricanes, Fires, Tornadoes, all are last days warnings where this earth is reeling due to man’s propensity toward evil. Elections, which result in a prevailing wind where evil is either chosen or accepted by the people are a telltale sign of our times.

In these present times evil men are elevated by any means; and godly men are denigrated by any means. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is its disgrace.

So long as we are willing to accept evil at the highest levels of our government, we are in danger of judgment on our nation.

While You Voted, Something BIG Happened Behind The Scenes & It Put Us All In Danger!