I know that it is not yet over, but some seats are settled. Let me start with a Fetterman victory in Pa. A couple of observations: it is as unbelievable as a Biden win over Trump; secondly, if it is not a stolen election in Pa it is a very grave indictment of Pa voters. In fact to believe that this is even possible is impossible.

Additionally, just observing what is happening in the so called swing states: Arizona; Ga; Pa; Wisconsin; Ohio, Vs Blue States where Republicans actually picked up seats; then one must ask how Democrats have done so well as they seem to have done in the important races that are right now in question. In other words: if even Blue states are awakened to the need to put Republicans in charge due to the fiasco of the Democratic regime decisions; then how can swing states even have any close elections, much less important close elections, when these states are basically the heartbeat revealing the way which America leans, and this at a time when there is a red wave in the remainder of America?

My conclusion must be that this is just confirmation that these states continue to reveal not just election interference, which is now obvious, but that this situation means election fraud mainly in Senate races. If Biden retains the Senate he has won, because nothing can be done by Republicans to remove him, or the other traitors in his regime. As I have stated before this means cheating by the Democrats in crucial races, and in states where the mechanisms are already in place to do so. Without a mandate for good over evil in the country, such as Florida has given DeSantis the country remains in danger. Evil remains an ever present danger, and only God can make the difference needed.

So the real question becomes: has the New World Order been stopped; or simply delayed. I think the answer remains: it is continuing to march forward.