If the algorithms may not be the reason; then it may just plainly be the other cheating. You cannot discount the cheating when you consider the smugness of the Democrats. Something is strange. We’ve talked about this before. But politics is not just an as usual thing anymore. Politicians have never given a straight answer which they thought would cost them at the polls, not until this last 2020 election. And then there is 2022, and still the same smugness is present.

Naomi Wolf a former Democrat political reporter has left the party due to this smugness, but she still won’t dismiss the consideration that this smugness may just be due to the computer algorithms, which she states can just determine any election if they are used. And the fact that we just don’t know is a big concern.

So here we are in an election where Republicans, some Democrats, and a more than normal number of Independents are turning out in droves in a red wavy, yet the election will not be known until “every vote is counted”, and those votes will not be known in some cases for days even though we have computers to count them. What exactly is up with that?

Nothing makes sense except cheating in any way that you can, and to do that everything about these elections must be made out to be a mystery. Which is exactly what we are seeing at polling places where the ballots are being refused by the machines in some cases 20% of the time.

Do I think that the Republicans will win in this election? — yes, but do I think it will be an election where every vote will be fair in every race? – no I do not.

What I believe is that as long as there are computers used in elections and as long as some states are mailing out ballots in mass to parties who have not requested same, that there will be cheating.


There is in fact only one party who wants fairness and every legal vote to count. The other party will try to claim that distinction while they want every illegal ballot to count every dead person to vote. It matters not to them how many illegal votes you can manufacture just so long as they vote the straight Democrat ticket.