There is really only one reason to count ballots late, and drag out the count and that is to figure out how many votes you need to win, and you can’t know that until after the votes are in from voting day. So why is this late counting then allowed to take place in some states, such as Pa; Ga; Utah and Arizona?

We expect that these states will see at least some critical races come from behind as victories for Democrats after the Election Day counts are in. We also know that on election night even though the Republicans are leading, that the Media will be spinning the “news” telling us that the Democrats always cast mail in ballots before the election, and therefore they will project sometime during the night the Democratic victory, just as they did for Arizona in 2020. But we now also know that Biden did not really win Arizona in 2020 as they predicted.

So, watch and see if I’m not correct. And what else we know is that these make up votes will come from big blue cities within these states, where in 2020 in some we saw over 100 % of registered voters said to have been counted, and yet the votes were certified from those precincts. Which, of course, was illegal, but you guessed it nothing was done about it after the 2020 election.

So will something be done after this one? Is this why Bill Gates told us recently that we will have a contested election?

The Republican Party is ready this time to call out the cheating — that means a contested election. But where will that lead when we have a media that will call Republicans the cheaters as they did Trump after the 2020 election when he knew that the election was stolen?

If the Republicans then do prevail and legitimately overturn what were stolen races, while the media is pronouncing them to be the thief’s, then we will likely have George Soros backed ANTIFA style riots in each of the major cities perhaps all across the country. This will play out to the advantage of the Democrats should it occur. We may even see martial law declared, and elections set aside.

Many Democratic States have already determined that the national guard is being deployed in their states this election season. What is that all about?

I do not expect the Democrats to go down easy even if they lose this election. Mainly because they know that going down means voter fraud investigations, and convictions were defrauding the voters had occurred. And they know that some of their actions were actually treasonous. It appears that we may be in for rough times either way that this goes today?