But who really are the some?

◦ I have many running word battles with others who claim science is on their side when they accuse me of pushing conspiracies. They refuse to admit that real science is the pursuit of some theory based on facts, in order to prove or disprove the outcome. Most “conspiracy” theories that men will have pursued are based upon some concerning evidence. CoVid theories are now after some time proven correct as expected because of the past science involved. The theories themselves were based on past evidence. Vaccines do not work on viruses.

That scientific fact was put at the heart of the question with these untested vaccines and constituted the beginning theory. Prove to me otherwise. No profe was presented, but theirs was only unproven theory forced upon an unknowing public. To the recipients of these vaccines their basis was hope not science, but once again that past science was proven the driver in the end of truth. The theory was correct.

The suspected fact that CoVid gain of function was being pursued and funded by Fauci was proposed and is now real because of the facts. It is fact that this gain of function is still being pursued as was just reported in the news concerning Boston University.

These experiments are yes: unbelievably stupid based on science. They produce lethal results. That is the actual goal of the gain of function science involved. Mad though it be. Their method should only be rejected by our government, which had given the appearance of outlawing them, yet somehow they continued authorized illegally by mad science which continues, and it goes unpunished.

These facts lead us to more theories of conspiracy. One of these is not far fetched; that day (after the elite find an antiviral vaccine that truly does work, if that is found to be possible, (against this newly produced killer virus, which they now admit to having created); will they then want it also released against the public to destroy a vast majority the population, even as they have been proven in their writings to actually advocate for with their Great Reset? A reset which we are also told is just another conspiracy theory on our part; rather than being as it truly is: their actual CONSPIRACY against mankind’s overpopulation.

Once they actually have a vaccine that does work, they will, you can rest assured, save it for just themselves. These idiots advocate for vast numbers of us to be eliminated.

Following is a must watch short video.