Joe Biden in 2020 somehow knew that he would win. He spent most of the lead up to the election in the basement. He only surfaced a very few times to speak to a very few vehicle occupants in a parking lot. His very last speech in that election cycle was a very confident one of coming victory.

Now in a moment when he should be expecting to take a major loss, he is encouraging us to be patient and accept the likely fact that counting will take a few days beyond the election itself, and then encouraging a willingly acceptance of the results.

Tucker believes this demonstrates unusual behavior. Go figure. Biden’s emphasis on the Republican opposition is that they are already questioning an election steal in 2022, even before the election takes place. The conundrum here may not be so obvious to a a half brained woke society. It is clear however to Tucker, and should be to us — why would the Republican’s not already, even in the Joe Biden brain, be questioning the fairness of this election if there might happen to be a very much unexpected loss for them. Would they not be expected to consider the election to be stolen should they lose, when they are admittedly even with Democrats expected to win big taking both houses and several State governorships in blue states.

What makes this such a conundrum is just why does Biden expect such a reaction from his political opponents, who are this heavily favored to win, and when the hints of election steal have been made more so by Democrats.

But there is certainly reason for Republicans to suspect such when observing the content of Biden’s scripted speeches leading up to the eve of both the 2020 and 2022 elections. If this election favors Democrats after the days of counting mail in ballots, you just bet your bippy that it will have been a fraudulent stolen election. What is sad and not a conundrum is the fact that Americans can no longer trust their elections, because we can no longer trust our government. And that because of known but un-investigated election interference by not Russia, but by the CCP.

You may consider what I’m sharing here to be overkill, considering all the attachments that I’ve placed here, but to be informed people must know what’s happening around them, and even events in other countries as well as in our own elections where there is the utilization of computers, (sometime called machines) in voting. Yes, we still use them, even here in Florida. Yes, we had them in 2020, and no state allowed immediate recounts for what was a contested election in 2020. So we still have the same obstacles to a fair election. I have given you facts in these attachments, you just need to consider them. Sure there is much more.

I recently posted an attachment with evidence of CCP involvement in the actual ownership and or management of computer systems used in Brazil and in America’s elections. Anyone who even tried to investigate this involvement after 2020, immediately following the election of 2020, had their reputation trounced in the media, were hit with multimillion dollar lawsuits, and had their law licenses threatened causing many volunteer attorneys to fold their tents, who had been looking into the election fraud.

Evil people, we are finding, have been running this country and as stated in my last shared interview below; when evil knows what is coming for them, they therefore have every reason to attempt another election steal, just to save their hide. Remember they are still intrenched in powerful positions. Many of these are unelected high level officials, and they are in bed with the CCP, who orchestrated the 2020 steal. And just for the information of the WOKE, who are unfortunately asleep, China is no friend of freedom. If you are not among the WOKE, then you understand.

Just how our Media and government systems can push for investigations into Trump and Russia for the four years of the Trump presidency, where there was conjured up fake insinuations leading to no evidence, and yet deny any investigation into the Biden’s and their CCP involvement where there is more than enough factual reason for investigation, is why conspiracies don’t equal theory, but truth, to anyone with half a brain. The CCP has far too much power among our politicians, our Media and our large corporations.

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