You need to put on your thinking caps. Why was President Trump impeached? We were told for four years that Trump was guilty of collusion with Russia for one purpose only. The purpose was to get us to believe that Trump was illegally aided in winning his 2016 election over Hillary Clinton, and that, that fact would disqualify him from being President. That (my friend) was a claim before the American people that was taken forward by your elected Congress in order to convince us that Trump was an illegitimate President due to a “stolen election”.

He needed to be removed from office. We thought that that was because his tweets were causing him to be hated, but was that really the reason? Now, I fully understand that most of you when this same claim of a stolen election was then made subsequent to the 2020 election by (at that time) none other than Trump and his supporters, that you just didn’t want to hear it. You have had enough and you just want this country to get on with the business of protecting your freedoms.

But here is the catch. While neither Trump, nor the media, nor the DOJ, nor the FBI, nor any State Attorney General ever during the Trump years arrested or called for the arrest of anyone from the opposition for simply claiming a stolen election in 2016; yet, today we have political prisoners here in this United States of America being retained in jail cells not only in Washington DC but even to include the red State of Texas for doing what? They were expressing their freedom to speak, by claiming that the 2020 election was stolen, if you can even believe that these things can occur in America.

Yet, the Democrat President Biden shouts from his bully pulpit that Republicans are destroying Democracy.*

(*see the attached article on Biden’s executive order. I hope it will make you awaken — Something must.

My friend Democracy is being destroyed, but I hope that you are wise enough to know by which party.

Unfortunately, I am hearing that there are far too many tight races still happening across this country. How can this be considering just how destructive not only to our kids, and to our economy, but to our democracy this present set of leaders actually is, but, in fact, the direction of that one political party really is destroying us. A party, which really deserves none of the votes of any Freedom loving American we are being told is winning over 50% of the voting public. We cannot allow ourselves to be brainwashed with adds, and with what the Media peddles as truth.

You and I, must conclude that either one half of America wants to be enslaved, or that the Media is attempting to convince us that we may lose this election, because this administration, which even now resembles a communist regime is right now covering up its attempted theft of yet another election, and our Media cares nothing about it. Our watch dog has been poisoned.

Even if most of us vote for freedom and equity and refuse to be manipulated, can we even then actually stop them from stealing yet another election? Think of it — When tax payer dollars and the law itself are being used against political opponents in such flagrant illegal fashion, and our Media reports none of it; then we just may already be lost? Our alternative Media does report it, but with a great price looming over them.

Brian Glicklich Defends The True the Vote Founders After Their Imprisonment