There are no riots, certainly not to begin with on Jan 6th, just big crowds outside of police barricades. Then there are rubber bullets and flash bangs shot from a lofted position behind barriers on the Capitol. They were either attempting to disperse the gathered crowd or were doing something far worse. The Capitol police were firing into a very large crowd with basically no place for that crowd to escape.

The question then is would there have even been any group encroachment of those barricades had it not been for the intimidation of these protesters by the police.

I’m not saying nor does the reporter documenting these actions say that the Capitol was not encroached upon that day, but what prompted it can be questioned? I get mad just watching this filming by a news crew. These actions were not even close to the stands that police had made in those cities across this nation in the summer of 2020. For then they stood silent for the most part even when threatened and spat upon.

Following this election if we do in fact win, we must insist that we get to the bottom of Jan 6Th. The sham that is now portrayed as Jan 6Th is just a political farce.

Watch this and then tell us if you have good reason to disagree with this reporting of the incident.

The REAL story of January 6 – Criminal police killing innocent people