The facts are stark. But God is always with His people.

What is in this title is only part of the plan, and it is right now being revealed. Is it fully executed? Have they shown their hand to early? Or have they stolen so much from us already? Well those are critical questions aren’t they? What more are they banking on? Is it that there is a good chance that so many will not have awakened by the time of this election, so that their plan is, well foolproof?

The fact is the 2020 election saw more votes for President Trump than had been cast for any sitting President ever, and he still lost. Why, did it happen? — perhaps God allowed it to awaken us? The evidence shows that computers were hackable and that the CCP and some enemies of Nationalism including some Republicans and Democrats using their insiders within the FBI, were actually doing to Trump what they had accused Trump of doing to Hillary in 2016. They actually did steal that election using many methods.

The fact is that if we do not overwhelm the vote in Nov 2022 even more than was done in 2020; then they can do it again. They still retain control over elections. That has not changed. It is harder, but. There are always buts.

They are now setting the stage. Claiming the polls to be tightening. Putting out their hate propaganda. Lying about the inflation and it’s causes. Then there is the DOJ attacking Trump and his close political supporters using again the FBI, and this is done not because of any known crimes, but to taint the mindset of the voter for the upcoming election.

You may think that none of this matters. It’s just politics, but the changes following the next steal, if it occurs, will take this country so much further down the road to ruin, that there will be no turning back. Biden has bought into the Davos plan for dehumanizing mankind. Be sure to listen to the attached video. Share it. If there was ever a must win election, it is this one. But don’t think for one moment that men inspired by evil are not thinking similar thoughts.

The title of this video though encouraging is outcome dependent. Winning is in God’s hands. He gives discernment in order that men will be doers of His word and not hearers only. Pray and then act upon what He reveals to you. As you read God’s word you come to realize that doing God’s word is essential to winning the battles of this life. But you must remember even if this battle is lost, you are God’s and He is trustworthy. You must be the same. Disappointment is a tool of the enemy. Faith is the shield of the believer.