So let’s hope that this gets through to constitution loving Liberals. Think with us, you who are not so liberal as to WOKE. We have 50 immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard and we activate 125 National Guard to watch over these few noncitizens. Now I understand that this may practically destroy some WOKE brains out there, because they must think that we are incapable of seeing through the schemes, or else if they believe there be no schemes; then they truly must be labeled with the blind.

But in comparison to Jan 6th when Trump offered Tnations mayor Mayor Bowser of Washington DC, to activate National Guard troops to assist with crowd control for a mere 1 million of our conservative mostly peaceful protesters, he was turned down. But even in such a peaceful conservative crowd one could expect that at least 1000 potentially unruly probably as we are learning, FBI infiltrated ANTIFA and others posing as Conservatives would likely present as being not so peaceful protesters. So why did the DC Mayor turn down Trumps offer when He was her President; at least then for just a few more days? I know that that would be difficult for one to discern, but we must at least try. Oh, and get this, if you would. That this is the same mayor Bowser, who had also beyond Jan 6Th requested National Guard Troops simply because she had 2 bus loads of Illegal Aliens delivered to her city from the boarder states?

Either she had gained some wisdom, which I highly doubt, or she understood something very sinister was up on Jan 6Th, and, if so, there could be no troupes used on that date to stop those activities.

Maybe you can understand this nonsense, but I know it’s difficult to come to any other answer other than: it was not only hoped for: that Jan 6Th could be used against Trump and his followers, but it was actually planned for such a use.

One more thing: I’m sure that by now you have come to realize that the so called sanctuary cities under radical Blue Democrat control, apparently have had no Federal government deliveries of illegals. This seems logical, because they proceed to make such noise when receiving just one bus load of immigrants. So where are these immigrants going in the middle of the night by the planeload? Certainly not to blue jurisdictions, for if they were they wouldn’t cry so much as they do over just one. In fact, most are left in the border states, and others moved to Red States such as Florida.

Even some WOKE liberals should be able to awaken to these facts as they are obviously occurring. But should they wish to continue the charade, they do so at their own risk, because we have their number. And should they suddenly see the light, please let them know that all are welcome to join us in our attempts to save America.