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I write a daily blog, and I as bloggers do spend much time researching not just Donald Trump, but the activities of other leaders in what could be very dark times for this nation, and our world. I approach things from a Biblical perspective. And from that perspective what I see happening is concerning. I have learned over the years that God has not predetermined our Future, but He knows it and has revealed it to us through His word. 

This country has embarked on changes which are causing a great division. Some seem to embrace and or just ignore the Evil. Others attribute it to Trump and his MAGA followers. But pure Evil is definitely influencing men who under its throes are advancing toward evil’s desired New World Order.

It seems that only Trumps movement understands it’s source. So men under her influence press on even if it means the demise of our democracy.  Trump is under attack as are others who are leading this country’s awakening to these very facts. Trump will surely be taken down should they find or be able to somehow insert in some sinister fashion what they have yet been unable to find. So when it comes will it be from their own manufactured or from some real evidence. This could well be the next divider.

Only God, seeing our future just because He can, knows our responses, and where they will lead. We must move forward with with prayer and contrition, as a people to all of this if the evil is to subside.

It is obvious that preplanned deception is being used in an effort to keep onlookers from truth, which God has told us will set them free.  

If you are confused today and really want to know where the evil in our land resides; then ask and it will be given unto you. Jesus connects you and I to the source of all truth, and His counselor, the Holy Spirit being the deliverer of that truth will teach it to you. Jesus therefore had every right to tell us to not be deceived. For the truth is a promise to every believer. The attacks will keep coming unless they are removed in this election. But all that is happening is to destroy the MAGA movement, and keep their plan in tact toward their understanding of Revelation’s events.

🙏💕love you guys. Building the kingdom while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man can work.  Only God’s truth matters. 

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