Are we awake to the part we have played in the lifting of restraint?

Interestingly Bible Students, and teachers have for a long time known that the time on earth would grow difficult for mankind due to the loosing one day of Satan upon mankind, but this truth is left somewhat mysterious in Scripture, as to its timing.

God has a reason for not revealing the time to us. It is not to keep us from knowing the times and seasons — our time in history. For we are to know our season. There is another reason. God wants every man to come to a knowledge of the truth. And for that reason He extends to us hope for mankind even up until the very end of days.

Man will disappoint, and even while using God’s word they have and will temper it in some ways to the detriment for the believer and the world.

Somehow each of man’s theories can overlook what Scripture tells us well actually come to pass. But even during distressing times there are rays of hope.

What Scripture sees coming is distressful for God’s people when it comes, and certainly it is not good for mankind when it comes. This is why we must show those without Christ that He is our hope. A negative can be turned to a positive for those in the throes of Satanic control and hatred spewed out by those men, who are used to enforce Satan’s wrath. But the fact remains that mankind can choose to follow good rather than evil, and therein resides hope.

The thinking of men who have gained the world at the expense of their souls and who possess the world’s riches, has evolved, as it is now evidenced, and that evolution has not been in a Godly direction, but as we see things portrayed in Scripture these men are engrossed under Satanic influence.

Very few believers today can visualize much less understand a world given over to Satanic control as the Scripture depicts our world to be in the end. This is a world which is becoming a testing ground for the believer. It will test his faith, his resolve, and for the average man his ability to reason.

When the year 2000 was quickly approaching believers got nervous that this could be the time when systems and economies collapse. It didn’t happen then, and a majority went back to sleep. But now in just 20 years things have become much worse in America, worse then just a coming economic collapse. Men suddenly decided that the evil within was a good thing, and they began to let it all out. Pure evil has erupted on this earth in a rush, as Satan’s hoards are beginning to be unleashed against God and man. But God determines the extent of this attack through examination. He controls the restraint, but He bases that restraint upon man’s reactions.

We are seeing evil’s attack in unprecedented fashion in the form of drugs from our open border; child sex slaves; sex trafficking of young women. These things made easy across an open border; pornography; Satan worship; Gender dysphoria; school children are being bombarded by a Satanic evil to control their minds; we are seeing the cancellation of any form of common sense; farmland being purchased by our foreign and domestic enemies, and by the rich of this world, who wish to bring on depopulation. We see ourselves now being ruled by a godless master; surrounded by like minded purveyors of deceit. But there is still hope. The gospel is our sword against Satan and his evil. Christ is that hope.

Also, at the same time we see a flawed church. One in many ways incapable of calling a spade a spade; unwilling to point out the truth of mankind’s sin; and unwilling to promote the gospel of deliverance from that sin. Christ is preached, but God is not worshiped in Spirit and in truth as Jesus told us would be the case.

Hope is however being empowered by an awakening within Gods people. A church revival is the key to restraint from the Holy Spirit.

Truth concerning sin and deliverance is necessary in order to see oneself properly, in order to be contrite before a fearsome God; and truth is very necessary before one can even begin to understand just how much God did love him or her. Worshiping in Spirit and truth may allow restraint for an awakening of our world or it may just cost us dearly in this day even as it did with our savior’s early followers, but without it, without the commitment that it produces men will not see God, and without sight and hearing man cannot hope to be saved.

It is the truth about God and oneself that will set one free. It is our response that will determine God’s restraint in our day. But it says of that day:

Revelation 16:9 Men were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of God who has the power over these plagues, and they did not repent so as to give Him glory. (NASB1995)

Will we present the only hope for our day? Our hope is in Christ. He alone will deliver us from evil.