This is a post about the end of a strong economic future. It’s important. The focus is those events from an informed perspective.

The Following is a quote from Edward Dowd, a former BlackRock investment Manager.

“I think we’re imminently going to collapse [a]s we’ve never seen a commodity inflation cycle with the dollar going up at the same time …”

Dowd precedes this laying out just how the financial world works. The fraud and the self inflicted downturns. And it is herein that he sees the stated demise and we see his prediction, which comes out of that. To sum it up: Money printing without production sets up the inflation demise, as I understand it. He then states:

“You can make the case that it’s intentional because the policies are so bad that they’re shutting down energy production. Before the Ukraine War, Biden’s first executive order on Day 1 of his administration was to shut down the Keystone pipeline. So, here we are. I think we’re at the end.”

Dowd’s understanding of the financial markets results on his predictions surrounding those markets. And his understanding of the drug companies made him immediately weary of operation Warp Speed, just as it did many including myself and my wife Ellen, who is a retired nurse. Important Vaccines never come out without trials, yet as I dug into this there had been trials for mRNA, and they had failed. The writer of this article states:

“As noted by Dowd, one of the most remarkable counterarguments to come out of a fraud litigation case against Pfizer in recent months is Pfizer’s attorneys claiming that even if there is fraud, Pfizer cannot be prosecuted because the government knew about it.”

This should have been the headline in every major newspaper in the world, but it was buried. Why? Only God’s imputed discernment will allow us to even ask the why questions. I have been amazed, as I have had dialog with persons whom I knew to be believers, well educated and even more well read than I; yet who had no discernment on what we saw happening. But then we know that there is a coming economic collapse leading us to where they want to take us.

This attached article is a must read. I have here attempted to do, the best I can, to wet your appetite to read it all and to share it. It may just help bring some people to see that God knows what is happening, and that He reveals things to bring us to repentance.