Something has frightened the Democratic administrative State. Yesterday I posted concerning Q and the “white hats”, the Q documents speak to Military Classified docs, such as the Nuclear Docs that Trump was supposed to possess prompting the raid? But he had no Q docs that appeared.

This week it was leaked that he had classified docs on another Country’s Nuclear program?

The Judge placing the hold on the Mar-a-Lago document investigation spoke of the leaks. The leaks on this case are just as illegal as anything that they want us to believe that Trump has supposedly done. Let’s see if the government indicts anyone for the leaks. I’ll bet not.

Trump is an enemy of the Administrative State, which represents a monster within our government. The Democrat party is almost solely responsible for growing this part of government that some are now calling the forth branch of government, just like the 87000 IRS Agents they just added, and this Admin Branch is seemingly the most powerful branch. You notice on many occasions Biden will slip and state: I’m not supposed to do that or this; like he’s not in charge. Well he is not. Not like we think he should be, and his doing what they want is how they want it. The fact is that Trump did not go along, and in fact, was determined to lessen their influence on the reigns of government, and actually have them do their jobs. This made him an enemy, to them greater than any other foreign or domestic. Trump knows that these actors in the various agencies like the FBI; CIA; NSA; IRS, FAA, The State Departments, etc. The deep state as he called them. They run wars; they decide that MAGA supporters are more dangerous than the CCP.

They even now arrest political enemies.

Since his election in 2016 they have done anything and everything to dismantle his MAGA movement. Many who worked with him — indicted; people who supported him who entered the Capitol imprisoned without bail; people who support him in the Media both in Social and News outlets cancelled; lawyers who worked on his behalf on the election investigation submitted for disbarment. We’re the domestic enemies.

Anyone in their right mind, who has watched the truth of what has gone on since Trump surprisingly won the 2016 election, and still thinks that there is no deep state is what the Bible calls deaf and blind. People are awakening, but truth is this deep state is doing everything that they can to dismantle The leadership of that awakening. And they will use every trick in the book.

We are at war with our own government. They do not need to be destroyed as they are attempting with MAGA AND WITH THE COUNTRY, but they do need to be made accountable under new management. That will require the replacement of the leadership of these various agencies with men and women from within them, but with those, who know their agencies dark secrets and who do not approve of their politicization and overreach.

Will Trump make it to 2024? I don’t know, but if not him than who will end this war? For if the government Amin State ends it, it won’t be good.