Yesterdays service at church was special. Every service is special to the Lord, but some are just unique for us, because we sense the move of God on us. It all started with an introspective message, where our Pastor looked and shared deep into his own thoughts and motivations. It was a time to understand our need for humility before God and one another. A time of confession.

I don’t normally share this quickly what God is doing in me personally, because it takes time for me to digest what God is doing. And after all I am an old man, and old men are often considered useless in our society. But God’s call in that service was to yield myself and whatever ministry God has for me to others completely to Him. He alone adds to His flock and sustains it.

So, this morning He showed me a glimpse of what this commitment meant.

I (in over two thousand posts) have never had this happen. I had worked on this mornings post for a while over a few days adding to it here and there, and it was ready. I went to copy it to past it to WordPress, and something happened that I can’t understand or explain, but it disappeared, and I could not retrieve it. What was amazing to me was the fact that it did not upset me. I did what I could and to retrieve it, but it was gone, and I had perfect peace about it. And I knew that this was what I had been called for and commitment myself to; it was God’s work not yours; not mine.

We are not our own, we are bought with a price. I knew that, but it has taken me all these years to even see through this glass of truth though it is still rather dimly, but that is what our walk of faith requires, and so it remains until He comes either to take me home or to take us all home. It is determined to be that way in order that others may see glimpses of Christ in us, and thus be drawn by God Himself unto their place in this flock that we are privileged to be in, and minister according to His call upon us.

I know that this has been different, but it did not disappear. Therefore God wanted you who are reading it now to think on these things, even as He has had me do.