There is much information being circulated today as coming from Q.

The theory being talked much about today is presented as being a “white hat” operation opposing the evil or some say Satanic activity going on throughout this world. Many of the white hats are Christian believers who are determined to bring into reality the millennial reign of Christ, some through His Church; some expecting Christ Himself to bring it in. But because of the evil, they are both expectant of the coming 1000 years.

Before I continue you need to know that I do not stand with those that have their understanding of that reign to be through the church. Although I do stand with them in their desire to see evil overthrown. But, I cannot see anywhere in Scripture a reason to think that Christ’s reign will not be an in person reign after His coming and accompanying the destruction of that evil, so, it is therefore not to occur before His return. Besides it is a fact in this age we are told that if they hated Jesus that they also will hate us. That implies that evil may flourish.

Now, with those considerations in mind, what purpose is “Q” to have in these end of the age matters? Obviously I have been thinking on these things for years, long before Q became a consideration within the endtime plot; and this, because I have been studying Christian eschatology since I was in my late 20’s.

There are dozens of articles within this blog, which I had written to help you understand what the scripture teaches on this subject, so I obviously will not rehash those reasons here.

I do however, want us to consider Q’s role. If I’m right about our role in Gods revealed timing for this age; then the stage is being set not only for a revival of belief in Him, but unfortunately it is also being set for persecution of His own and for even an apostasy on the part of what would then be represented as former believers.

Understand that the church disagrees concerning these factors and events and their timing. These major disagreements will play out on this stage, which is now being set. As it plays out theologies questions as well as eschatologies questions will begin to be answered for us. It is becoming obvious that this worlds reactions are not all Gods predetermined plan, there is just too much evil involved in our world for that to be the case. He however is God the all knowing One. He is letting us know what to expect today, so that we can choose as believers to endure until our end, whatever and however difficult that end for us individually might be.

With all of this in mind we will return to the stage setting that is now occurring. It is my current thinking that the believers pursuing the white hat scenario, due to the fact that it has not kept itself true to the Scriptures teaching, could well be in danger (due to their own teaching) for what Jesus calls a falling away. This fall is prophesied by both Our Lord and the Apostle Paul, as they tell us of its occurrence. Knowing these things to be close at hand, we need to be alert for Satan’s attempts to lead us to that end.

The podcast here that I share with you today has a very interesting conclusion concerning the Antichrist. This scenario makes more sense than others that I have heard concerning this evil leader of the final beast system of this earth. Wether it be true or not, still the likelihood of the Antichrist being alive today is most probable.

✝️ Aug 28 2022 – Juan O Savin – The Bible Is The Key > Q vs The Antichrist > Someone Everyone Knows

You should also know that a couple of times there is language that I do not approve of, but the message is worth hearing even if only to know what the elite is expecting.