….You understand why Mar-a-lago occurred? And why we do not believe it to be anything but more corruption, and more fake news?

Well maybe you don’t, because I haven’t heard from you concerning yesterdays post.

Or maybe you, even after watching, just still believe that Trump was guilty and the Democratic authorities were just so incompetent that in over 4 years they just couldn’t prove anything.

But, what is really amazing to me is that the same people who believed that Trump won in 2016 by cheating, are the very same people maybe even including you Bob, who are now telling us that there is no way that Biden’s election was won by cheating. They spent over four years, and now going over six years trying to prove Trumps collusion with Russia or just any potential wrong act will do, yet, they won’t even look at the evidence of CCP collusion with the Bidens. And they won’t even look at the states where election laws were broken — allowing for ballot harvesting with no controls, and little verification. Hundreds of sworn statements by citizens have been taken under oath, and they are just ignored. Videos of very questionable activity just ignored. Movies like this one I sent raising so many questions — all just ignored.

If the democrats really believed that there could be no election fraud in america they would not still be looking for it with Trump. But think, if we truly had fair elections, and a fair media; then men would not ever be thinking of doing the really stupid things that they have done in this administration, because if just 15 short years ago they had been so stupid; then they would have paid dearly for their indiscretions in the News and at the polls. But not in todays crazy Democrat run America.

If you love this country you and the other resisters of truth must awaken. If not, we lose this the greatest country ever gifted by God to any people.

In the meantime if we are still the greatest country ever; than we have the obligation to ourselves, to our kids, to our friends, and to our God above, to them all to insist that “all liars” in government be found out through investigation and subsequently punished; lets just for once punish Democrats equally as they attempt to punish Republicans. What went on in the Obama/ Biden Whitehouse at the end of their administration against Trump must be looked into.

Further, I don’t like growing government, but if the government has any obligation to its citizens, it must be to have a bipartisan over-site committee to see to it that all news outlets are fairly treating the news. There can no longer be fake news in this country without consequence. Both sides of an issue must be examined allowing individuals the freedom to decide truth. If there is fake news, there must be a very stiff price to pay by those agencies bringing it, while at the same time individuals must have freedom to choose what they will believe, once provided the full facts on any situation. Propaganda is not news.

Am adding this link late to deal with some of the comments here. Just trying to educate.