There is much deception in todays world as you know, but what’s good about believing in our God is His discernment: for instance we somehow know truth, well before others, who place faith in people, or in government rather than having their total reliance on God and His word. This is why when facts become twisted such as what we read here in this fact check on 2000 Mules, we know that it is deception:

So knowing is one thing, but seeing what you know revealed by this same world which wants to deceive us is A revelation. To prove what I’m saying compare this reported fact on what authorities can really do with your phone information. The very same information that they say was false in their 2000 Mules fact check.

That’s right this totally disproves the Fact check attempting to disprove 2000 Mules. Discernment from God is provable in your life. 2000 Mules does in fact prove election fraud, and the deceivers can’t have that. But knowing God can allow us to live above deception.

So, why then is the FTC doing this?

I think we could make a good guess. Is it because researchers are learning too much.

We might say, but we’re finding out too late. We can only hope that is not the case. Putting this type information out just might open more eyes. And if we reach enough it just may not be too late?

◦ The headline in this article assumes that Democrats are behind the deception. Though that may be, it overlooks the FBI and News Media involvement, and even Republican involvement, which is a much worse problem.

◦ The conspiracy mentioned here, which no one in fake Media is willing to consider or admit as do those with discernment, who are touted to be conspiracy nut jobs proves that there is conspiracy on a spiritual level. And guess on which side of goof and evil the world tends toward. But the important question is: on which side are we?

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