I personally know several Bob’s, but this Bob knows who he is, and I almost called you a nemesis in this title, but you are just (in my opinion) willingly uninformed. Bob you are always telling me that Trump is a liar. And then you tell me how disappointed you have been over the MAGA members in congress, who have supported him in the impeachment hearings, and otherwise beyond. Your insinuation has been that these men should be a grave disappointment to all Republicans, including myself.

Well, Bob you may not yet agree, but these men are not only not a disappointment to me, but they are considered Patriots by me, and will one day, I believe, be considered as such by all other patriots in America, both Republican, Democrat and Independents alike.

Now I’m convinced that had you watched the documentary that I attach below: The Plot Against The President, that then even you would change your position and call these men more than mere men, but real genuine patriots, who were fighting not just for what was right but for what is important to your future and mine.

In fact I’m convinced that no freedom loving American born patriot, (Independent, Democrat or Republican) would be able to watch this documentary and come away any other way than awed at what these men went through in the process of discovering and then knowing the truth. But ironically, then even though being in power, they were considered powerless to overcome the system. And perhaps even more importantly to our freedom, they were powerless before what Trump called the fake media. It’s in fact sad and even maddening that they lacked power merely because they either lacked progressive status, or they refused to be corrupt.

If these facts presented in this documentary are, in fact, not made widely enough known in your day to make a difference; then your children will one day live under an even more evil regime than Putins, or Xi’s.

You can watch this documentary on line at:

Or you can watch it on Tubi Tv free. Just do a search for: The Plot Against The President on your smart tv.

If we continue catering to the one party and ignoring the other in this country; that one party with uncontrolled media power will not only steal elections, and destroy elected opposition officials, but will become my and your dictators.

The one point made in this movie concerning Schiff’s pronouncements to the media after closed house investigation hearings is so revealing about him and some of his colleagues both democrat and republican; and especially about the media itself. Look for it, and then tell me that the public is not being played by our government and the media.