The speech was amazing. Why? — the only violence that Republicans have taken part in in the last 6 years since Trump entered the Whitehouse was Jan 6Th, when Democrat leadership in Washington refused Trumps offer to have troops sent in to protect the events of the day. And even then there is evidence of leftist involvement in the violence.

Everything that Biden stated the left is guilty of. Burning down cities; disrupting Democracy in the Supreme Court decisions; engaging in CCP bribes; not supporting the constitution at the border; not protecting our elections; not protecting our individual rights to believe that he deserves impeachment. Not supporting our second amendment rights. Not fighting for freedom of religious beliefs. He is the most divisive and lawless President ever in our history. Even more so than Obama.

You have the right to believe all that he stated last night, but I have the right to point out the truth of what is happening. If you vote Democrat in November you vote for the destruction of your freedoms of thought and speech, not to mention for the continued destruction of our constitution.