Prophets are abundant in our day, but, their messages to us conflict. That’s not new, nor is it unexpected for us. God’s Word is clear concerning the prophets. So todays prophets are speaking to us either Good things concerning our own peaceful state in this world or they are speaking hard times and persecution for believers, who in the midst of it all are greatly influenced by God’s message to this present world. A world, which is proceeding rather quickly to its conclusion or is it?

Some of you know that I had written a book concerning what God has been revealing to me from His Word concerning these times in which we live. Some of you have even read that book. The reason I am sharing this message from Dana Coverstone today is because it rings true to much of what is seen in God’s Word concerning our time. A time about which I also had shared with you in that book.

In my next post I will share with you some portions of God’s word that will lend support to what this Dream seems to be telling us as it is given from God to Dana.