Why is it that your friends, who are still of this world can look at you like you just don’t get it?

A few weeks ago a neighbor and friend, who is a progressive liberal came to the door, and we walked across the street to have one of our normal chats, as we sometime do when he is in town. We have a bench there at the edge of the lake. At different points in our conversation we agreed that our thinking is just not Lining up. We come at the issues from a very different perspective. A different world view, as it were.

Many times I have given him my testimony of what Jesus does in my life, but his rejection of Jesus comes because he sees Him only as a good and maybe great teacher, but with no acceptance of His being God’s Son, communing with us in the Spirit — no acceptance of His miracles.

He actually believes in a God over creation, but has great difficulty with any life after death. He tries his dead level best to be a good friend, and to earn the respect of others. When he (in his own mind) fails others; he truly grieves.

This difference in us makes truth in our two lives totally different as we attempt to analyze the happenings taking place in this world.

What my friend sees as truth is based on what he can learn from his own efforts, and “brilliant” men. Well he does respect Jesus’ teachings, but likely no more than Gandhi’s. His “truth” is what makes sense to him. Jesus said that the truth will set you free. My friend, I’m concerned, may never know the exhilaration of meeting Him, who is truth, and Who promised to lead all who receive Him as Lord into all truth that really matters.

The real truth can only be understood when it is taught with the wisdom from God.

Any other world view can only lead one into some form of deception. God’s Word is taught us by His Holy Spirit. His plan for our life comes to us by way of His Holy Spirit’s leading us mainly in the wisdom and truth of His Word. We need to trust His Word to His Spirit; then we will walk in freedom. Discernment is His gift to His followers. Our only job is to believe and follow Him in the freedom we are given.

God has so blessed this world, yet so many men turn from Him and reject the good news of His Son.

God tells us that He will not always strive with the hearts of man and we cry: How long Oh Lord?