There is no question any longer if there ever was, that there is a Deep State here in this 2022 United States of America.

For a government who trails in all the polls, to just do what they have done in Florida, there is no way that they ever expect to lose power again. I had warned of this before the 2020 election. What does this mean for us? These folks are desperate. They know that if Trump wins again that the precedent has already been set by them, and that Trump will clean house, and he very well should, and hopefully will do just that should we manage to get him back into the White House.

I don’t know what we need to do to be certain that this now third world government cannot once again steal this upcoming election, and every one thereafter. But if these Mafia style government leaders are allowed to remain we have no free nation remaining.

If their is a constitution loving Democrat left in this country, and I know that there must be, then they will be sure to vote for Trump in 2024, and they will definitely vote Republican in this 2022 election. If they can’t see this, then we may as well start flying the CCP Flag over the White House, and soon over the Capitol.

I hope this rejuvenates the American Constitutionally conscious public, and riles them as it has done this citizen. I could bite bullets at this moment.