There is no precedent obviously for what the DOJ and FBI have now done and therefore there must be a purpose for what has been done to Former President Trump. The FBI knows that President Trump was still President when he left the White House with boxes of his documents. As President he had the right to declassify any document that he so desired. The FBI knows that fact, therefore this action had no legal basis, and no reason for having taken place. Since it has taken place it must be for some sinister reason.

◦ Trump was the man at CPAC, no one else in the party polled the numbers that he polled. The current Regime with its deep State now know that he is coming for them, and they must do whatever they can; even though it will be illegal to try their best to stop him. You watch — they will plant or try to plant some evidence about Jan 6Th within these documents that they have now illegally ceased.

◦ We are seeing the weaponizing of the DOJ and FBI FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES. this my friends is how countries collapse into dictatorships.

◦ Our prayer must be for Trump and his advisors, and Republican Leaders in congress to come together and receive spirit lead guidance for this hour in this countries history.

◦ Also pray that any deception planned by our enemy and his followers will fail.