Before I begin this I just want to say that Saturday on the Golf Course I was told that often my links to attachments cannot be opened. So I do apologize for that. I do test attachments after posting and they work at the time. But, I do know that some links are taken down depending on the platform on which they are shared.

This one I hope you get to see. My Brother Richard sent it to me, and I couldn’t help but think of the way science is being completely disregarded, and even distorted.

One would think that science would bring the dueling political sides together, but the division in America is so great today that truth no longer matters. The further away from God a society grows the more that society deceives itself. For decades now we have known that there are no absolutes in the religion of Humanism. Each man decides for himself/herself what is acceptable in society; what is wrong in society; and of course they know that they themselves do no wrong, but anyone who disagrees with their thinking is so wrong as to needing to be censored or even worse.

This mindset comes out in what Dr Victory reports** to have happened to her when releasing this data in the video attached**. I hope that you can view it, but u-Tube does take such videos down.

We know that there is an increase in deaths for young adults. This new occurrence in our society is even given a name, which appeared this year just as suddenly as the Deaths themselves began in 2021. SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)* was coined after so many younger people just started suddenly dying for no apparent reason. It’s real folks, and Science ordinarily would start looking at what has changed in a society that could possibly cause such occurrences. But some things defy science. When God and truth are kept at bay in society, then the mind of a man or of that society can easily become his own enemy, and therefore the mind must be kept in check.

It works something like this: I buy a house that I later find has a rotten foundation, my mind will try to avoid admitting that I made a mistake, because then I would become depressed and beat myself up over doing such a stupid costly thing. So I tell myself all of the good things that this property represents as I’m now committed to a broke future. This might not be the best example of what most people have done concerning the vaccine, but it may help us see why the truth that there could be a problem here, just will not be accepted concerning the known bad effects of this vaccine.

On the other hand, if God is in your life and you took one or more of these shots innocently; then you will trust God for the outcome. You know that your days were determined before the foundation of the earth. You know that God is your healer, but if you give no place to God; then the last thing that you want to hear is that what you put in your system to escape harm, can be just as harmful, and maybe even more so, because it may actually kill you — the young person that you are is at a much higher degree of probability for this, than the virus that you were trying to avoid.

So what might you do? Ask Jesus to become Lord in your life. He died for this purpose, and though you will still die one day from something, still you will live forever.