If you think Biden is not a far far left Radical, then explain this one.

Ellen and I watched this movie again for a second time. The first time being many many years ago. If you haven’t seen it. It is based on an actual death row execution. I won’t go into the details since you may want to see it, if you have not. It stirs many emotions.

Some of those bring you strangely toward the support of the death penalty. Some lead you to wonder if death is an answer.

The two stars are Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn. My first question concerned them. What impact did being so close to the facts of this double murder, it’s details and the death row sentence actually have on these two actors. Penn playing the death row inmate, and Sarandon a nun attempting to save his soul. Scripture is used. I’m sure it’s pretty true to what happened.

My second point concerns the death penalty itself. After watching I remembered back to my first viewing of the film, and I had stated then that this film could cause me to rethink my position on the death penalty, which before that time was in favor of it. But now after my second experience I realized something that I had not realized then. I said to Ellen: you know if it were not for the fact that Penn’s character was sentenced to death he may never have admitted his guilt in true remorse to God. I further stated that not too many of us get to know the exact time of our death. And maybe even fewer of those get to hear the gospel leading to that moment.

I’m not sure what your stance is on the death penalty, but it seems to me certain that God can even turn it for one’s good if that one is open to hearing His truth.

Now I want you to compare this reality with Biden’s last appointment to the 9th Circuit Appeals Court in Arizona.