Ray Epps is now notoriously known as the one person to be seen over and over associated with Jan 6. His obvious role was to be advertising for an incursion into the Capitol before Jan 6 , and then actually directing persons on Jan 6 into the Capitol, yet he goes uninvestigated. Is this why the Jan 6Th Commission has never called him. So, the obvious question is why not?

The commission is obviously not now nor ever was it really after the truth behind the incursion into the Capitol. The act itself lends itself to questions as to why anyone supporting Trump would have thought it to have been a good idea to stop a process that Trump wanted carried out by Pence. To stop that process which was under way, all be it with an unknown outcome was obviously not the goal of Trump.

The real issue in investigation is truth isn’t it? Epps was interviewed by, but not brought before the Jan 6 Commission. Nor was he arrested or indicted by authorities even though he was directing folks into the Capitol. But not only interviewed but he was written about and actually allowed by the New York Times to escape any real questions in their article featuring him? Having him claim to be a Trump supporter in that article, who travels to Washington from Arizona to go to the rally that he actually never attended. And that fact is proven with an abundance of video. So do you trust any of this Commissions actions? I certainly don’t. But we do have one whom we can trust. He is the God over all creation. His Son died for our sin.