Understand, I am not talking here about voting, but about our conversations with our WOKE friends. It’s time to stop thinking politics. I have family and friends, who are of the old school. They don’t want to discuss politics or religion. So it’s time to think differently. It’s time to see where we are actually going as part of this world order that is now in transition and discuss the ramifications of current government decisions, which effect all of us.

We all knew that the coal industry was being shut down in the U.S.A. That action had no real impact because wind and solar were able to replace most of what was shut down without pain for the majority of the country.

But now we are seeing the shut down of American gas and oil production. The impact of this most recent action by governments is so adversely impactful for society, and these impacts that are still future are the things that we should be talking about with these folks.

The fact is that most Americans don’t like what is actually happening in our society. Talk about the things that matter to these people. Talk about how the shut down of gas and oil in this country is effecting the costs of everything grown and transported. Talk about the shortages we are already seeing. Talk about how food shortages will occur if oil and gas production are left at current levels.

Talk about the the high prices we are seeing in autos and homes, as well as food. Ask why they think this is happening. Their answer will tell you a lot about their knowledge on these subjects. If Russia is the cause of it all and their invasion of Ukraine is their immediate answer; then ask them why they think that. Questions are revealing. Ask them why they think that the Russian war with Ukraine is causing the shortages and price increases in America. Ask why the wars of the past twenty to thirty years never caused these problems that we see now. Explore their answers with other questions. We need to help them see. They will not otherwise see until it is too late.

But the real issue is not politics or religion. It is God vs. Satan, good vs. evil, freedom vs. tyranny.

The world will embrace one religion and one world government. That is not debatable. It has long been the Biblical ending of this present age of mankind. So politics and religion are not open for discussion with the world. All that we can do is help some of them see God’s truth.

Revelation 2:11 ‘He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death.’ (NASB1995)

The Spirit is speaking to the churches today. But only those who have an ear for hearing His message can walk among the overcomers. You and I need to help those who will engage with us to hear and see what God is saying through His Spirit to the churches.