Have you ever heard this statement used? Occasionally I have heard a message on the dangers of touching God’s anointed, as in speaking out against. The fact is, I believe that to be good advice for us concerning every believer not just the preacher. After all we are not to gossip or spread false reports. We should say no to either one.

But I have also heard believers express an understanding of being chosen in Christ as though this anointing acts as a talisman or protection against the wiles of the enemy, or that it means that they will never experience an attack from Satanic forces.

The fact is: we are engaged in spiritual warfare. Understanding that warfare I believe is important. Christians today seem to be confused about the battle, making politics the driving force in the battle. They often wind up having politics determine their morals. Certainly it is not right for government to discriminate with our laws against persons, who engage in acts privately, which do not harm others. Passing discriminatory laws against them as a group can be wrong. For example the prohibition law against drinking Alcohol actually became unenforceable, but laws against drinking while driving not only are enforceable, but they are demanded by society. Drunk drivers do great harm to others.

Why then does it seem to be a gray area for Christians to understand the gay bathroom issue, or the rainbow agenda being taught to every student in our schools. God created them with male or female parts. In extremely rare cases a child will be born with some elements of both sexes. Although those cases are rare, today they can be dealt with medically. It is these cases and the medical advances surrounding them that has given rise to individuals having sex changes.

Questions about these changes if they are brought to the church for spiritual advise should be addressed from the word of God. Otherwise individuals are responsible to themselves and before God for their actions just as Adulterers and those engaged in drunkenness or in homosexuality are responsible to God for their actions. That should mean that as believers it is not our responsibility to either make their acts legitimate or support the cost of their actions with our tax dollars.

No Christian in a right relationship with God would advocate for a bill legalizing Adultery or drunkenness, so why then is it right in a Christian’s eyes to advocate for the teaching of and promotion of homosexual and gender friendly agendas in our public education system, which will most certainly impact your children or grandchild’s belief system?

You may be so naive as to think that because you are chosen that Satan can not touch your children, or that God won’t hold you accountable for your moral lapse. You may even think that being kind and loving to sinners in this world by sacrificing your own family will save your family from the firey darts of their enemy. Sorry, but you are responsible and even possibly more so for your actions, because you should know better. Is it you or is it what you are allowing that is touching God’s anointed (your kids and grandkids) that He has handed into your care?