Tariku, I appreciate your sharing this request. I’ll put it out on my blog as well. If you have your testimony written up please send that to me so that I can also post it. Your Testimony is so powerful. Trusting God with you for His direction for your future residency. Thanks for your witness in my life and in so many others.

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On Jul 18, 2022, at 4:13 PM, Tariku Fufa Gemechu <buzetariku@gmail.com> wrote:

Our pastor recently preached on the subject of “standing our ground for God.”  He encouraged us

Currently, my family is standing our ground for God and His righteousness in relation with our visa outcomes in South Africa and here in Zimbabwe. 

We applied for the waiver visa application in South Africa on January 26, nothing out yet. We were told by someone, unless we take a shortcut (involve in unethical practices),  we have to forget about getting it. The pressure from many says, “everyone does it, including ministry and church leaders. You too just do it!” We stood our ground for God and said NO! It is painful, but the right thing to do.

Here in Zimbabwe, we are entitled to Permanent Residence after living here for more than eleven years legally, seven of the years on a Residence visa.  Then, we applied for it, but nothing has happened yet. One officer told me not to expect a positive outcome. Someone told me there is a shortcut. Yet, we decided to stand our ground for God and his righteousness. It is again very painful, and not an easy decision. 

Now that we have stood our ground for God, and not taking the short cuts as many would do, we are prayerfully waiting upon God’s decision and guidance on this matter. Recently, while in Mauritius, we were invited by our ministry there to apply and move there if that is what God wants. We explored that option and applied for it. We will see what God will do! We never thought of Mauritius before.

In a nutshell, where taking our matters into our hands, and deciding our destiny looks the normal of the day, it is very difficult and painful to trust in God and follow His lead. Sometimes, it seems naive to hold onto ethical and righteous values in this culture where “everybody does it anyway” and you don’t have to act differently. Like our pastor said, it feels like swimming upstream against all the fishes that swim downstream.

Brethren, standing for God and his righteousness is not fun, neither simple, but possible! Right now, my family is right in the middle of it, NOT knowing what the consequences of our obedience might avail. But we know that God takes pleasure in handling the consequences of our choice and obedience to glorify Him.  We covet your prayers. We will update you as things progress.


Tariku Fufa Gemechu, Ph.D.

Africa Director for Global Church Movement (GCM)

Campus Crusade for Christ International