How stupid can we be as a country, as to allow for one man elected by fraudulent means to have so much power so as to be able to destroy an economy and possibly the entire nation in less than two years.

How stupid to allow a minority of ideas to so change so rapidly a country and a world.

How stupid that a congress charged with protecting the security of this United States would yield its own legislative powers to the other branches of government.

How stupid that we the people have allowed local governments in this country to stand by and watch criminals raid and riot, burn and destroy property; and only to see our federal government in Washington lock our own people who protested the stolen election and then to label any conservatives all to be enemies of the State.

Two years ago I warned that if the election were to go as it has that we would be destroyed as a nation. Good men are attempting to put a stop to the steal of the 2022 election, but will it actually happen?