I want to share my response to a comment on my recent short series of posts relating to the possibility of Tribulation coming soon in our future.

I first want to apologize to Roy for misinterpreting what he was saying to me. I had thought his comments to be based on or accepting of a post-millennial approach to Jesus Coming. I was wrong. But what I wrote him helped us clarify better our understanding.

“I don’t doubt that you are right that God would not allow Satan to mess with timelines. My only question is — Will this [that we are now seeing result in a reprieve or] be God’s final cleansing. We have to remember that Satan cannot do anything that God does not release him to do. And I know that many say that Satan is trying to move the time table forward. I ask only if this is not in a sense to be saying that Satan is powerful enough to do that, which God does not desire. Otherwise [if God is not removing restraint from him now; then] we must say that it was God’s desire to release such evil before its time, which to me makes no sense. What does make sense to me is that God [knowing how evil will progress, once men declare openly their total rejection of Him; then] He described the happenings of the end times in scripture so that we would understand our time. If He allows a major false flag event such as this — that we now see [would that not mislead us]; and then how will one know when the world is entering the real event [which must include these same signs that we now see]? What Jesus warned us of was false prophets who would lead many astray. So we must ask ourselves what message today could lead us astray? What damage to my faith would occur if I believe that signs now point to tribulation, but it doesn’t occur? On the other hand what damage would it do if I believe that God will destroy this evil and keep the Tribulation from coming, but He does not do that, but instead I am faced with this very devil himself, and more evil than I ever expected to see? I don’t know if that concern makes sense to you, but it does to me. It’s my belief that we must test the prophets messages with the Word of God. I want you to know that I’m not challenging your faith in God. I believe you to be a man of great faith, and I do not want to see your faith nor anyone else’s faith injured. I hope you can understand what I’m saying.

And I hope that each of you can understand what I’m saying and why.

For those of you who are new to this blog. The many posts here under the heading foundational will help you understand just how I came to this understanding of end time events and other doctrinal truth from scripture.

May God continue to bless His people.